Friday Favourites: Fictional Writers

The Writing Days / Friday Favourites: Fictional Writers

On this week’s Friday Favourites, I shortly fangirl about my favourite fictional writers. They’re characters who have inspired my writing in one way or another, or are just wonderful in other ways (and them being writers is just a huge plus). Fictional characters feel like friends anyway, so they also act as wonderful peer support. Here we go!

Jo March

Jo has inspired me as a writer ever since I was a child. Her imagination and courage can lift you up when you feel like giving up. She never did. She persisted and finally fulfilled her dream. So why couldn’t I?

Temperance Brennan

Brennan is awesome! She’s strong, intelligent and creative. Not only does she have a full-time job as a forensic anthropologist, she also finds the time to write books. Now, if she finds the time to do that, I think I can squeeze in the time to finish that novel. And play. And poem. And… Well, you know.


Sometimes Moominpappa summarises writer’s block perfectly. He’s always out looking for adventure or coming up with new things to try. In short, he’s a master procrastinator. But then again, his memoir would be boring if he never got out to do anything. He loves action, but doesn’t mind the odd nap every now and again.

So, here were some of my favourite fictional writers. Who are your favourite writers on the page or on screen? How do they inspire you? Let’s talk!


The Importance of Walking for Writers

theimportanceofwalking“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”
F. Nietzsche

I love walking. When one day in lower secondary school I realised that I could walk the eight kilometres (I think that’s about five miles) home from school, I went home by foot whenever I had the time. Walking gives me time to think and relax. Many writers mention that walking is a part of their daily routine and I started wondering why. Here are some of my thoughts on the importance of walking for writers.

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7 Reasons Why Writers Shouldn’t Turn Off The TV

The Writing Days / 7 Reasons Why Writers Shouldn't Turn Off the TV

One of the ways in which I procras– I mean find inspiration is read tips for writers. The one I keep seeing over and over again is the command to watch less television. You know, I love TV, but that’s not the only reason why I don’t agree with this piece of advice. I think there are numerous ways in which television can benefit writers.

1. TV is writing

Do we keep forgetting that most of television is written? The industry employs writers in just about every series from costume drama to reality TV, but we look past that. Is it elitism? I hope not. The people writing the most popular and the most underrated series are our colleagues. Knowledge in that field is just as important as reading the latest novels, research articles and plays. Let’s not forget that.

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Friday Favourites: Playlists for Writing

The Writing Days / Friday Favourites: Playlists for Writing

This week on Friday Favourites, I want to share some of the playlists that I use when I write. I find that music is great for my concentration, and listening to music can help my writing flow better. So here are some suggestions! Let me know what you think of them.

I’m cooler on the internet

This playlist is great for tasks like blogging, answering e-mails and posting on social media. The upbeat music makes me feel like I’m accomplishing things, and really just fits the aesthetic I like.

Post sunrise inspiration

I return to this playlist when I’m looking for flow. The music is both relaxing and energising at the same time, and it works great for writing emotionally big scenes.

Endless nights of studying playlist

I know it says studying and by all means, use it for studying as well. I’ve had dozens of wonderful daydreams while listening to this playlist, dozing off under a blanket… This playlist is perfect for thinking up new ideas, brainstorming and exploring the world of your story.

I dream on two wheels

This playlist sounds like spring! Take yourself (and your notebook) on a picnic, enjoy the sun and feel inspired. The music is great for writing upbeat, happy scenes and bright moments.

Do you use music when you write? Do you find it helpful or distracting? What are your favourite playlists or artists to listen to when writing? Leave a comment!


A Letter to Me in January 2016

The Writing Days / A Letter to Me in January 2016

Dear me in January 2016,

I’m writing to you because I want to know how you’re doing. There are so many things that I want to accomplish in 2015, and I wonder what it’s felt like to go through all those things. Sorry for asking so many questions – I just don’t know how life’s treating you!

The Writing Days / A Letter to Me in January 2016

Did you throw a party to celebrate your graduation? Who came? Have you found a job that interests you? I currently stress about career choices, but I know that’s normal. I wonder if you have things figured out better than I do. Suddenly you have to be all grown up.

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Pick of the Month, Writer’s Guide Edition: Letters to A Young Artist

The Writing Days / Pick of the Month, Writer's Guide Edition: Letters to a young artist

The world of writer’s guides is massive. Some are brilliant, some good, some… well, absolutely horrible. Every month, I’ll recommend some of my favourite writer’s guides. Do you read writing guides? Which have been most helpful, and which do you disagree with?

My February pick is not a writer’s guide per se, but I feel it will still inspire writers. Letters to a young artist by Anna Deavere Smith is a collection of short letters from Smith to an imagined young artist BZ. In the letters, Smith describes her own experiences in art and working in the industry. The front cover promises “straight-up advice on making a life in arts – for actors, performers, writers, and artists of any kind”. This task is rather ambitious, and Smith partly succeeds in it.

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Friday Favourites: Relaxation Exercises for Your Imagination

Friday Favourites: Relaxation exercises for your imagination

Friday Favourites is a new series, where I introduce some of my favourite things every Friday.

The first topic of Friday Favourites is relaxation exercises. I personally love a good relaxation, and often find that the exercises also let my imagination run wild. I thought I’d share two exercises with you that I’ve come across in my life. So this Friday, close your eyes and take a breather.

How to do the exercises

I’ve written down these exercises, so you probably want to read them a couple of times. Then, go ahead and try them yourself! Listen to some relaxing music and make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t worry about doing the exercise exactly like it’s written – it’s your mind, and whatever feels relaxing is right.

After you’re done with a relaxation exercise, don’t jump up immediately. Lie down for a while and little by little, start moving your fingers and toes, then your hands, legs, arms, face… When you feel like you want to get up, roll over to one side and rise into a sitting position. Keep your hands on the ground and stand up. Take a deep breath in and when breathing out, straighten your back slowly, starting from your lower back and ending with your shoulders. Breathe in when you straighten your neck. Enjoy the feeling of being well-rested.

Friday Favourites: Relaxation exercises for your imagination

The garden

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