Product Review: Buddha Teas

The Writing Days / Product Review: Buddha Teas

Hi guys! I’m really excited for today’s blog post, as it’s the first ever product review on The Writing Days. A company called Buddha Teas ( was kind enough to send me a box of their organic turmeric ginger tea for reviewing. A quick look at their website reveals that their selection of teas really should cover just about any taste – they have over a hundred different teas you can order! I’m always looking for beverages to fuel my writing, so this opportunity is really exciting for me. Here are my thoughts on the product I got to taste.

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Deal With It: How I Manage When There’s Too Much Going On

The Writing Days / Deal With It: How I Manage When There's Too Much Going on

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to write a post inspired by another blog. I came across this Inspiration Point and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting anything on the blog, so this thought and assignment came at a perfect time. 

I’m excellent at feeling guilty. I feel guilty for not posting anything new on the blog, for not writing my thesis, for not knowing my lines in rehearsals, for not making it to meetings, for gaining a little weight, for not exercising enough, for leaving the dishes, for not completing my to-do list and having to move items for tomorrow’s list… Basically, I feel like a complete failure whenever I have to give myself a little air.

Blaming myself for things I haven’t done often makes me overlook all the things I have accomplished. Yesterday I woke up two hours early and went for a jog. I’ve been writing new story and blog post ideas into my notebook. I do remember my lines in rehearsal, and I’m getting better at improvising whenever I forget. I got a new idea for my thesis that will help me reorganise my thoughts.

If you’re feeling like you’re not solving your problems, here are some tips that might help:

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Which Harry Potter Character Matches Your Writer Personality?

I’ve had a crazy week, but here’s something different to get back on track. I picked ten different characters from the Harry Potter series to describe different types of writers. Obviously there are many more, but here are some of the ones I thought of now.

 Harry Potter


You’re excellent at throwing yourself out there and you tackle first drafts like that’s what you were created to do. You don’t like planning before you start writing. As a writer, you trust your own intuition more than anything else, but don’t let yourself be too lonely. I’m sure some of your many friends would love to help you finish your work. You’re headstrong and can work through any obstacle. If faced with writer’s block, pretend it’s wearing pink, lure that sucker into the Forbidden Forest and don’t look back.

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Introducing: Me

This month, I’m taking part in Blogging 101, so there will be many posts related to the tasks given there. Here’s the first one!

The Writing Days / Introducing: Me

I wanted to tell you guys a little more about myself, so first, here are some quick facts about me, some perhaps more relevant than others:

  • I’m 24.
  • I’m Finnish.
  • I love theatre. I write plays, direct and act.
  • I own a red ukulele.
  • I knit and crochet to relax.
  • I’ve never seen a person who didn’t look awesome in drag.
  • I study English.
  • I direct a theatre club for teenagers once a week.
  • Some of my favourite writers are Virginia Woolf and Sarah Waters.
  • I’m pansexual.
  • I’ve always been a bookworm.
  • I want to be a professional writer.
  • My favourite fruit is lemon.
  • I can’t keep houseplants alive.
  • I love Christmas.
  • I live alone.

As you might know, this blog is dedicated to posts about the world of writers. While most of the content is about the work of writers, I’d like to create a blog where writers can relax as well. Kind of like an online breakroom. Most of us work alone, and what I miss most in solitary work is having no one to talk to during coffee breaks. I hope that through this blog, I can connect with other writers. I’d like to get to know my colleagues, both nationally and internationally. I think that writers are never ready, so why not take the opportunity to learn from others?