Hello, you!

I’m so glad you stopped by my little corner of the internet. Let me make your stay more comfortable and introduce your host!

My name’s Aino, and I’m 24. I’m on my way to becoming a professional writer, and realised there’s one thing that most writers lack: the office.

The Writing Days

Me in my natural habitat.

Why The Writing Days?

Writing can be a very lonely profession. Most of us write at home, and many lack a network of peers and colleagues. I’ve found that I miss having colleagues that I can talk to, and not always about work. So I wanted to create an online breakroom, where writers could share their feelings on work, and just gossip about life in general. I hope that The Writing Days can accomplish that.

Whether you are also pursuing a career in writing, or enjoy writing on your free time, I hope we can share our thoughts and learn from each other – we might not share an office physically, but we can definitely share experiences.

Finding my story

Stand still. Breathe. Listen to your story unfolding.

I believe in finding my own story. I’ve always loved reading and writing, but for a long time I thought I was destined to become an actor. I spent countless days and nights agonising over things that weren’t working out.

Then one day I realised what I was doing all that time: I was writing. I wrote when I felt miserable and when I felt wonderful. I wrote when my mind was racing and when I didn’t know what to think. I’ve shared my life with hundreds of characters, and while a few of them have been on stage, they have all been on the page.

In short, I realised I was a writer at heart.

About my writing

I love writing fiction. I write plays, novels, short stories and poetry. They all possess a magic that still amazes me every time I grab a pen and start creating; start finding. I can’t live without my notebook, which is always filled with my own feelings, as well as new story ideas.

I love writing non-fiction. I love analysing texts, and – this part of my personality still surprises me – really like academic writing. I would love to explore the world of essay and article writing even more. And this blog, of course! I believe that non-fiction doesn’t need to be boring, and want to bring my creativity into everything I write – even my master’s thesis.

Enjoy your stay in my online breakroom – and share your story. Let’s connect!

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