Friday Favourites: Fictional Writers

The Writing Days / Friday Favourites: Fictional Writers

On this week’s Friday Favourites, I shortly fangirl about my favourite fictional writers. They’re characters who have inspired my writing in one way or another, or are just wonderful in other ways (and them being writers is just a huge plus). Fictional characters feel like friends anyway, so they also act as wonderful peer support. Here we go!

Jo March

Jo has inspired me as a writer ever since I was a child. Her imagination and courage can lift you up when you feel like giving up. She never did. She persisted and finally fulfilled her dream. So why couldn’t I?

Temperance Brennan

Brennan is awesome! She’s strong, intelligent and creative. Not only does she have a full-time job as a forensic anthropologist, she also finds the time to write books. Now, if she finds the time to do that, I think I can squeeze in the time to finish that novel. And play. And poem. And… Well, you know.


Sometimes Moominpappa summarises writer’s block perfectly. He’s always out looking for adventure or coming up with new things to try. In short, he’s a master procrastinator. But then again, his memoir would be boring if he never got out to do anything. He loves action, but doesn’t mind the odd nap every now and again.

So, here were some of my favourite fictional writers. Who are your favourite writers on the page or on screen? How do they inspire you? Let’s talk!