Deal With It: How I Manage When There’s Too Much Going On

The Writing Days / Deal With It: How I Manage When There's Too Much Going on

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to write a post inspired by another blog. I came across this Inspiration Point and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting anything on the blog, so this thought and assignment came at a perfect time. 

I’m excellent at feeling guilty. I feel guilty for not posting anything new on the blog, for not writing my thesis, for not knowing my lines in rehearsals, for not making it to meetings, for gaining a little weight, for not exercising enough, for leaving the dishes, for not completing my to-do list and having to move items for tomorrow’s list… Basically, I feel like a complete failure whenever I have to give myself a little air.

Blaming myself for things I haven’t done often makes me overlook all the things I have accomplished. Yesterday I woke up two hours early and went for a jog. I’ve been writing new story and blog post ideas into my notebook. I do remember my lines in rehearsal, and I’m getting better at improvising whenever I forget. I got a new idea for my thesis that will help me reorganise my thoughts.

If you’re feeling like you’re not solving your problems, here are some tips that might help:

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Which Harry Potter Character Matches Your Writer Personality?

I’ve had a crazy week, but here’s something different to get back on track. I picked ten different characters from the Harry Potter series to describe different types of writers. Obviously there are many more, but here are some of the ones I thought of now.

 Harry Potter


You’re excellent at throwing yourself out there and you tackle first drafts like that’s what you were created to do. You don’t like planning before you start writing. As a writer, you trust your own intuition more than anything else, but don’t let yourself be too lonely. I’m sure some of your many friends would love to help you finish your work. You’re headstrong and can work through any obstacle. If faced with writer’s block, pretend it’s wearing pink, lure that sucker into the Forbidden Forest and don’t look back.

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Friday Favourites: Relaxation Exercises for Your Imagination

Friday Favourites: Relaxation exercises for your imagination

Friday Favourites is a new series, where I introduce some of my favourite things every Friday.

The first topic of Friday Favourites is relaxation exercises. I personally love a good relaxation, and often find that the exercises also let my imagination run wild. I thought I’d share two exercises with you that I’ve come across in my life. So this Friday, close your eyes and take a breather.

How to do the exercises

I’ve written down these exercises, so you probably want to read them a couple of times. Then, go ahead and try them yourself! Listen to some relaxing music and make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t worry about doing the exercise exactly like it’s written – it’s your mind, and whatever feels relaxing is right.

After you’re done with a relaxation exercise, don’t jump up immediately. Lie down for a while and little by little, start moving your fingers and toes, then your hands, legs, arms, face… When you feel like you want to get up, roll over to one side and rise into a sitting position. Keep your hands on the ground and stand up. Take a deep breath in and when breathing out, straighten your back slowly, starting from your lower back and ending with your shoulders. Breathe in when you straighten your neck. Enjoy the feeling of being well-rested.

Friday Favourites: Relaxation exercises for your imagination

The garden

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The 10 Stages Every Writer Goes Through

1. The idea.

You go about your day like nothing out of the ordinary is about to happen, and then suddenly there it is: A new idea.

2. The euphoria.

Your mind works! You had an idea! The world is your oyster! There is nothing that you can’t do! You are just about the best and most creative person on this planet! Possibly even the universe! No amount of exclamation marks could possibly describe your excitement!!!

3. The honeymoon phase.

Your writing is going so well, it’s almost unbelievable. Every problem seems to solve itself. Your characters are basically writing themselves and all you have to do is write fast enough.

4. The meh phase.

Okay, those great ideas might be kind of mediocre. But you’ll work through them no matter what, because you can do this. You think.

5. The doubt. Oh, the doubt!

You cannot do this. Your story is not good for anything. Someone else is already working on a similar idea, so what’s the point in trying? Plus your characters are stupid and don’t know how to live interestingly enough. Your prose is repetitive and clumsy. You should probably stop writing for good. It’ll break your heart, but you should quit.

6. Reaching out.

Maybe you might still want to try and talk over that plot hole with a friend. But that’s definitely the last thing you’ll try before quitting.

7. The light.

You might be able to do this. Talking about your problems actually helps. Who knew? The only thing you know is that you need to get writing again.

8. Getting things done.

You actually finish your story. You get all your ideas written down. There might be some amazing bits of dialogue in there. You rock.

9. The realisation.

This was only the first draft. You’re ecstatic and ready to take a long nap. You’re slowly starting to realise that you have to go through all the feelings all over again.

10. The appreciation.

You don’t care about the emotional roller coaster. Or actually: you care about it so much, you’re willing to take another ride. Because deep down, you know that the writer life is absolutely amazing and you wouldn’t change it for the world.